1. Policy introduction

This policy covers the key principles for fee arrangements between the Construction Works Hull Ltd and commercial partners who deliver assessment and training through provision sub- contracting arrangements.

2. Responsibility and Implementation

The senior management team (SMT) of Construction Works Hull Ltd takes responsibility for the leadership, management and oversight of the entire organisations sub-contracting arrangements.

Construction Works Hull Ltd may award contracts to partners who demonstrate high quality provision, the ability to deliver education and training which complements the overall skills priorities for the area as well as demonstrate relevant progression opportunities.

Construction Works Hull Ltd recognises that students registered with partners on sub-contracted programmes are students of Construction Works Hull Ltd and as such will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that students are aware of the support and services they can access through Construction Works Hull Ltd.

3. Fee Structure

3.1 In entering into subcontracting arrangements Construction Works Hull Ltd will have regard to the nature of the relationship which is required with the partner. Fees charged by Construction Works Hull Ltd will be set on a scale between 10% and 30%, and are in reference to the funding received from the relevant funding body for the awards that students are registered for.

In determining the appropriate fee level, regard will be given to:
• Level, frequency and type of assurance visit required to be provided by the Construction Works Hull Ltd
• The overall quality of the provision being offered by the partner and the track record in delivery
• The ability of partners to ‘self-manage’ relevant processes, including, but not limited to:
• Student & employer satisfaction assessment
• Self-assessment of provision
• Type of Contract
• Assurance of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment
• Relevant requirements of awarding bodies
• Processing funding claims and returns to Construction Works Hull Ltd
• Delivery of relevant associated awards, such as linked qualifications for English and Mathematics





3.2 Support and oversight from Construction Works Hull Ltd will be proportionate to the partner’s ability to deliver high quality provision and high quality outcomes.
Support will include:
• Monthly (for all new subcontractors) quality meeting, growing into a bi- monthly/quarterly review based on the needs and requirements of the subcontractor
• Experienced staff as a point of call and support to enable the subcontractor to contact Construction Works Hull Ltd for any questions and queries relating to their provision, funding arrangements and quality improvement;
• Invitations to Construction Works Hull Ltd’s training days which are flexible and meets the most frequently asked questions and areas for improvement. These include: safeguarding , equality & diversity, health and safety, funding, self-assessment reporting, quality improvement planning, success rates, teaching and learning strategies and observations of teaching, learning and assessment

3.3 In addition to the direct support, Construction Works Hull Ltd provides a broad range of management information and performance reports to support the effective and timely delivery to students and to monitor performance against agreed targets for the partner

3.4. The College will pay the Partner Provider for activity delivered at the end of the month following delivery and within 30 days of the college receiving funding from the SFA.

3.5. Ultimately any fees agreed between the Construction Works Hull Ltd and a partner are the subject of a commercial negotiation process and agreement of contractual terms

4. Communication

4.1 The policy will be communicated and discussed with all current and potential sub-contractors prior to the commencement of any contract

4.2 The policy will be published on Construction Works Hull Ltd’s website within the procurement section